Powerful Ways to Bring Your Mission Into the Room - Part 2

One of the most powerful ways to bring your mission into the room

It takes many hands and hearts to pull off a successful event. You’ll need your board, staff, volunteers, and hopefully, even recipients of your services present to help you. Having these ambassadors as sources of support to communicate your mission will be key to making sure every guest gets attention and connection.

Here are some powerful ways you can utilize your team to help you highlight your mission:

  1. Have your board members or volunteers stationed as greeters for when your guests arrive at the event.  Make sure board members and volunteers have name-tags so guests know who they are.

  2. Have board members and volunteers mingling throughout the evening to engage with guests. Have them connect and ask questions about why they are there, be curious, share with them why you are there, etc..

  3. Have an info station where you have organizational information, You can place volunteers or staff here to answer questions about the work.

  4. Have a PowerPoint playing during the cocktail hour of your work in action and have volunteers stationed by to interact with guests watching. For example, A dance company I worked with had video clips playing in the background of each of their dancers, and some of their performances.

  5. During the live program, you can introduce staff, board, volunteers early on so guests can engage with them throughout the evening.

  6. Another powerful way to engage guests is to have clients or volunteers at tables with guests and give the tables time to ask them questions, or have icebreaker questions at the table to help get the ball rolling.

It’s all about the live program 

The most important way to bring your mission into the room on the night of your event is with your live program. Your program should be short and sweet and avoid long speeches. You want to succinctly convey your recent successes, and also lay the groundwork for your needs, and what you can do with additional support. Guests should be able to walk away from the event knowing who you are, what you do, why it matters, why it matters NOW, and what can be done if they support you.

Make sure you keep your message hopeful, even if your work is challenging or hard. Make sure you communicate that whatever you are working on can be done if we all work together to make it happen. Your guests want to help, that’s why they are there, so make sure you give the chance to be the hero of your cause. You have to convey to them, that with their support, you can make great things happen.

Anything that proceeds fundraising should be succinct and inspiring. For example, you could open with a brief 2-3 minute video highlighting the work of the organization—which is a great way to showcase your work to new donors while reminding current donors of your impact.

I recommend that before any fundraising ask you show a video that highlights a story of impact. If you can’t get a professional video made, it’s also fine to have a speaker, accompanied by a PowerPoint slide.

Be sure to make the fundraising inclusive and give everyone an opportunity to participate. Use an active ask with bid cards if at all possible.

Save awards, and keynote speeches until after you have conducted your fundraising.

Want more ideas on how to bring your mission into the room? Reach out and let’s make a plan!