What We Can Do Together

You don't have to go at this alone. I'll show you how to focus your time and energy in the right places to maximize your organization’s results leading to greater donor engagement and retention and way more FUN and success in your fundraising events and efforts.


Are you wanting more sponsors? Want to keep the sponsors you already have? Want to grow your current sponsors to higher levels of sponsorship? Oftentimes we engage with our sponsors from a very organizational centered perspective. With a shift in perspective and approach you can WOW your sponsors and engage with them in ways that center their experience and their needs. This strategy gives you and your organization a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your sponsors and potentially turns them into larger and longer-lasting sponsors.



Engagement and Retention

Most nonprofits spend a considerable amount of time trying to find new donors. But did you know it’s more cost effective to put those efforts into  keeping the donors you have? And did you know that the longer a donor stays with your organization, the more likely they are to become a monthly donor or to even leave a bequest to your organization? 

According the the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, on average, nonprofits are losing 55% of their donors each year. And of the donors they keep the gift retention is under 50% (meaning that half of the gifts coming in will be less than the year before). You can buck this trend by engaging with your donors in meaningful ways.


I offer everything from full service event planning, auctioneer and emcee services, sponsorship support, vendor referral, management, and contracting support, as well as event audits. I can hold your hand every step of the way or support you with hourly consulting. Reach out and let’s discuss your needs and I’ll develop a custom proposal for your review.



Whether you want to engage short term or long term, I’m here for you. You don’t have to go at this alone. I’m your sounding board, your cheerleader, your helpful guide down the bumpy (and exciting) roads of donor development. I get where you’re at, because I’ve been where you’re at. Coaching is hourly. Packages are available. We can focus on big picture or get down into the weeds. Whatever is helpful. I’m here for you.