Ready to get off the hamster wheel of fundraising, get unstuck, and focus your time and energy in the right places to maximize your organization’s results?

Get Ready to WOW

You’re not just a fundraiser. Yes, you raise money. But there’s more to it than that.


You bring joy. You give purpose. You help channel resources into positive action. You help others be the change they want to see in the world. But...


Fundraising can be hard.  And, fundraising can be a lonely. Each day you face complex challenges, unexpected twists and turns and maps that are often incomplete or outdated. It can feel as if most days you’re on the verge of burnout when all you really want is to be fired up about your mission and doing more good.


It can oftentimes feel like there’s never enough time to get all of your tasks done. And, even if you somehow find the time machine to magically get everything done and on time, you still don’t have enough donors, the right donors, or enough money to do all the good you know is possible. Most days can end with you wondering if you are doing this whole “fundraising” thing right.


But it doesn’t have to be that way... 


Whether you are looking to create exceptional events that delight and inspire your donors or you simply want strategies to keep your donors engaged and falling even more deeply in love with your mission - you’ve come to the right place at exactly the right time. 


Are you ready to WOW your donors?

When you WOW your donors you stop raising money. You stop being just a fundraiser, you become a joy bringer.  Because when people give, they feel good. When they see they are making a difference, they feel good. When they feel connected to something larger than themselves, they feel good. When people are seen, heard, and appreciated, they feel good. And, when you bring a WOW mindset to the work you do, you tap into that energy of abundance and make giving a joyful experience for your donor, your organization, and YOU.


When you WOW your donors you will see increased donor loyalty. Donors will stay engaged, donate longer to your organization, increase their giving, and deepen their commitment to your mission.